Thursday, 12 December 2013


In this phase the studio has become a joint laboratory structured on three levels. One: to crisscross the world of passwords and crossbreed the individual projects into a conceptual whole, each influenced by the others. Two: to exhibit the Northern Findings Atlas through a common curatorial and design concept. design. Three: to deepen the singular researches inside the collectively created framework and develop them into an higher level of conceptualization and personal interpretation. Through this crisscrossing exercise and the threefold laboratory, the studio has been transformed into a collaborative enterprise which has revealed itself as both funny and eager, supporting the individual works with positive energy and ambition. The video and the map act in this respect as a display of how the thirteen different passwords and researches generate overlaps that are highly interesting and critical in relation to the territory’s future. The outcome of this final phase is this exhibition, which has the title The New Map of the North is a Global Map. The exhibition is composed of three group artifacts – a map, both in print and in a physical model, a sound installation and a video – and thirteen individual posters.

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